Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery and Ed Harris in The Rock

Hummel’s choice to fireplace a missile when the deadline passes surprises us as a result of that’s not who he’s. Mason even tells Dr. Goodspeed that Hummel gained’t do it. “He’s a soldier, not a assassin.” Hummel is kind of coerced into it by his overly-eager males, however he nonetheless offers the order. Our disappointment turns into delight when Hummel slyly diverts the missile into the ocean. He’s a flawed man, however he’s no killer.

2. The Rock 

Within the American psyche, few areas encourage the dreadful awe of Alcatraz. It’s a haunted home and a somber Siberian jail in a single, surrounded by icy-cold, shark-infested waters. The Rock does an exquisite job evoking the island’s mystique, each obliquely because the Navy Seals skulk by way of the island’s underbelly, and extra instantly when the Park Ranger narrates a few of the jail’s historical past, making the placement itself an necessary character within the film.

3. The Nice Escape

Mason’s introduction is among the finest components of the movie. In considerably hushed tones, the FBI discusses bringing in Mason to assist. It’s clearly a matter of final resort. The setup makes it look like Mason is a harmful killer, and although he is that, the reality is a little more nuanced. We’re subsequently naturally cautious of him, even when concurrently charmed by Connery’s brogue. 

Later, whereas singing slightly poorly within the bathe, Mason conspires his subsequent in an extended line of escapes. He orders sufficient room service to bury the FBI brokers in bagels and slips the bathe’s clothesline up his sleeve. Connery finally ends up utilizing the clothesline like a noose, dangling the duplicitous FBI deputy director off the balcony by his wrist. Dr. Goodspeed is compelled to rescue the director, letting Mason slip away.

4. John Mason’s Particular Task

After a protracted automotive chase that destroys a minimum of 100 vehicles and one trolley, Mason escapes from the Feds. Dr. Goodspeed discovers Mason has a daughter in San Francisco and watches from a discrete distance as Mason tries to reconnect with a lady he hasn’t seen since she was 10. The reunion is interrupted by sirens. Mason painfully admits they’re coming for him.

Earlier than the Feds can lead Mason away in cuffs, Goodspeed intercedes, telling Mason’s daughter that he’s working with them. It’s a ravishing gesture towards a person who simply destroyed half the town and–to Goodspeed’s information–is a harmful killer. Some other FBI agent would’ve thrown Mason to the bottom and slapped cuffs on him, however Goodspeed is a compassionate man. It price him nothing to grant Mason that little kindness. The seeds of the eventual friendship between the 2 males have been first planted right here.

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